abomination, functionality and a few other difficult words

‘Tattoo School’ still quite ‘trendy’- here we have such words associated with it as ábomination,’ ‘truth‘ and also ‘threat‘ that’s investigated by FBI now.

On the other side of the Pond one police chief is seriously considering a question of tattoos on his work force and their possible positive impact on the public. Funnily enough, the public apparently wasn’t asked about it and seems to have a different opinion on the subject.

Kind of related – tattoos in the Air Force.

A German article on tattoos draws our attention to risks associated with them and advises to use sunblock while being out and exposed to the sunlight – it’s a good tip! The same tip can be found in an article about tattoos on New Yorkers (here’s another one about New Yorkers and their tattoos by the way).

Kat Von D is back both in the gossip columns and on TV; here let’s just focus on her TV-related activity.

Another interesting article about modern times and ta moko!

Tattoos in different countries – South Korea (exotic and interesting, isn’t it?) and Sweden.

Theme tattoos: Wikileaks logo seems quite popular and here’s also a slide show focused on college tattoos.

‘Tattoo body modification gets futuristically functional’ is quite interesting but this one, not really body mod-related, is even better – ear construction.

Finally an interesting piece of news about a baseball player sporting a new ‘surface piercing’which turned out to be a microdermal.


hooked on: miscellaneous

Tattoo School affair still on and going strong. Most people outraged although now one
can also reads voices defending the concept.

One of the reasons why so many industry people are against the Tattoo School is their fear that soon there will be even more ‘scratchers’ running around and tattooing
those who don’t get that ‘good tattoo ain’t cheap’ and there might be something
to their fears. Such a risk always is present, though: ‘more Swedes get
home-made tattoos

Two articles more on the tattoo ban in one of the German football clubs.

Two new books about the tattoos: ‘The Tattoo’ novel by a Canadian writer and an upcoming book on military tattoos.

Tattoo tradition: an interesting interview and even cooler pictures on the dying out
tradition of facial tattoos among the Chin women and a modern controversion
about ta moko used for commercial purposes.

A nice example of solidarity: a local tattoo community rallies for a defense fund for
their colleague (some of his work to see here).

Finally some nice visual gems: photos from Suscon in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Some of the links in this update were submitted by Bastian – big thanks for that!

colorful protests and projects

The premiere of TLC’s Tattoo School show is scheduled for tomorrow but it’s already
stirred a lot of emotions and opinions; here’s just a few examples.

The artist featured in this article didn’t graduate from any tattoo school but he learned hard and quite traditional a way: the art of the jailhouse tattoo.

This young Canadian is enthusiastic and determined to finish her project which is talking to one stranger a day about their tattoos. You can visit her blog here!

A German football club decided to forbid getting tattoos by its footballers during the
season while here an interesting question about jobs in general is posed: ‘should
tattoos and piercings keep employees from being promoted?

For dessert a Polish one about a female tattoo artist who jut started her adventure with the industry and already loves it. The shop she works at is here (although she
isn’t listed as an employee yet).


A few videos and TV news in today’s update:

School is out for the summer but here we have a piece of news about a teacher who got a tattoo done when his students improved their test scores.

An interesting project done in France: animated tattoo created with a little help from facebook users.

TV shows: ‘new web series based on tattoo artists’ (some big names appear on here) and TLC’s new monster: ‘Tattoo School.’ An interesting commentary of sorts: ‘tattoos? Yawns. Just more of the same!

I don’t think I’ll ever watch this one but there may be some fans of the stuff: “Degenerates Ink.

Paul Booth is still alive, kicking and with new ideas: ‘Last Rites Gallery and Tattoo Theatre reinvention.’

‘Tattoo Etiquete’ here.

And nice gem with a priceless quote: ‘a book every teenager should read’ (there’s also a version for girls!) ending on a ridiculuous note: ‘I’m telling you, if just one ancient Maori mother had bought her son “Temporary Tattoos for Guys” and allowed him to get the Ace of Hearts tattooed on his bicep, she might have altered the course of tattoo history.

I’m actually grateful to this one ancient Maori mother for not having bought anything of this kind!

book review: ink flamingos. a tattoo shop mystery, part 4;

 In the fourth, and probably the last, installment of the Tattoo Shop Mystery series pink flamingos play a very important role and appear all of a sudden in quite a few places, growing to scary dimensions.

Brett Kavanuagh, a female tattoo artist based inLas Vegas, again gets into trouble when she hears that one of her regular clients, a rocker celebrity named Daisy Carmichael, was found dead in a hotel room. The police found ink pots and needles in the room and someone saw a tall redhead leaving the room before Daisy’s body was found, so obviously all of it makes Brett a crime suspect. To make things worse a tattoo blog begins to publish pictures of tattoos done by Brett and her own pictures as well. Brett finds herself stalked by someone eager to ruin her life and must do all she can to prove her own innocence and find who stands behind the crime.

The plot resembles somewhat the previous parts of the series and, like before, Brett gets involved into something she isn’t supposed to be a part of, and, like before, she can always count on her friends to help her out. In a way, though, this part seems the most mature and interesting.

Thanks to the blog element woven into the plot the author points out what a big danger the Internet can be for everyone. It’s relatively easy to set up a website and use its contents against anyone. The news is heard and read fast, it’s hard to prove it’s not true and it’s not that easy to locate the person responsible for the mess. With the blogs flourishing out there and discussing various subjects, they can be a great source of information but also a big risk if run by someone unstable or unknowledgeable. Brett learns this truth hard way.

Over the four parts of the series Brett has grown as a character and changed for the better. She’s one of these nicely strong-ish female characters that are good to read about and even though the element of romance is an important part of the series, Brett is able to approach it with a sense of humor. Long forgotten now are also annoying phrase repetitions, referring to tattoos as ‘ink’ or ‘tats’ and focusing on only one or two types of tattoos. As it seems, along with Brett also the author’s knowledge on the subject grew and evolved. The ‘Painted Lady’ shop saw quite a few interesting clients in all the parts of the series and they got better and better.

Sad as it is, there’s no mind-blowing/ earth-shaking change when it comes to tattoos in this last part but Brett’s own tattoo collection expanded, she learned that there are good artists even in places she wouldn’t think of and she finally acknowledged other forms of body modification even if she concludes that ‘it’s not her journey.’ At least we know that she knows that such things as split tongues or stretched lobes exist and there’s more to body piercing than just multiple ear piercings.

So-so at the beginning and getting better later on, Karen E. Olson managed to create a bunch of positive tattooed characters who don’t strike a pose ever so often as you can see it on Ink Reality TV and whose personalities are nicely written, funny and likeable. After having read the whole series and enjoyed it I don’t think my time was wasted and I thank her for that!


Karen E. Olson, Ink Flamingos, Signet 2011

age doesn’t matter anymore?

NYC Ink strikes yet again with a publicity stunt and here we have quite interesting an interview with Megan Massacre.

Also film/ TV – related although in a slightly different way is this interesting review of the documentary devoted to the Hamburg International Tattoo Convention 2010. It’s available on the German amazon, so it’s kind of tempting, especially as it contains an interview with the late Herbert Hoffman.

Body Art’ tells a few stories of people and their tattoos while an interesting article published on the Huffington Post points out that more and more older women get tattoos done.

An interesting one also fromAustralia: ‘doctors issue warnings on body modification’ and even though it’s made scarier than it really is, I’d say that there’s something to it (I was dead scared my skin removal would get infected). As a bonus, a gallery of a few interesting body modifications linked from the article.

Secret language of tattoos’ in Polish discusses the meaning and symbolism of tattoos although I’d be skeptical when it comes to its contents and sources as there’s at least one biggish factual error in it.

local touch and some more

I do love the local news (my solipsism speaks through it in a way), so I found these interesting: ‘Tattoos for the Brave’ thing in AZ, locals with tattoos showing their passions and lives, tattoo charity event and local pride shown in Utica Club tattoos (here more about Utica, NY).

Zombie Boy’s visit inPolandis the old news but his appearance in the Polish fashion magazine is kinda cool.

There are ‘killer’ slide shows and ‘filler’ slide shows – these two ones prove the point: ‘Corey Miller’s 25 favorite tattoo artists’ (a good history lesson, too!) and ‘tattoooed celebrity moms.’