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a quick update

A quick update as *again* I’ve been having some internet problems.

News fromThailandwhen the government considers forbidding religious tattoos for tourists (catchy title focuses on forbidding ‘Jesus tattoos’!).

Also fromAsia, ‘more South Koreans break with tattoo taboo.’ Maybe there’s nothing new about it but it’s good to be reminded about places in the world where tattoos are not that common!

Ami James strikes yet again, this time with ‘NY Ink.’ Is it gonna be original and interesting?

Morons and my little ponnies’ on the Huffington Post – stuff taken lightly is always more bearable!

The Australians celebrated Sailor Jerry while Bizarre published another book on Body Art. I hope it’s a good one as I ordered it yesterday.

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2 responses to “a quick update

  1. Steph

    I love how TLC is riding the tattoo reality show gravy train…*sarcasm*

    I hope your book doesn’t suck!

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