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Some info on NYC tattoo convention.

With so many options it’s hard to choose! An article called ‘Modify Me’ might shock or inspire you 😉

For some tattoos are ‘part of identity’ (an interesting one about prison tattoos in Ukraine), for others it’s a disappearing art (‘Taroko man preserves facial tattoo culture’); you can also choose a tattoo as a way to show your loyalty to the company you work for (that’s the one in question here).

Women and their tattoos in ‘Covered’ (an interesting documentary about tattooed women) and in an exhibit focused on Roller Girls in NY.

Also focused on women: ‘the tattooed as models’ and ‘search for ‘inked beauties begins.’

I’m looking forward to reading this one: ‘Olson completes tattoo artist mystery series.’

One fromPoland, too: ‘Interest in body piercing and tattooing keeps growing inWarsaw;’ the author of the article used a ‘monstrous word’ to describe the work station: ‘dziargalnia.’ I’m officially *un*impressed.

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