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bizarre trends?

An article about corset piercings in an UK online newspaper caused quite an uproar online and here is a reply to it in the Huffington Post and a Dutch version of the said article without any critical approach to it.

We’ve seen it coming and here it is: 12 celebrity tattoo artists with some great work to show off and justify and their high status.

It’s the Mother’s Day time in the US, so – of course – some articles on the subject were bound to appear: ‘inked for Mom – a brief history of the ‘I love Mom’ tattoos’ and people’s tribute tattoos from Detroit, MI.

An interesting article about tribal marks and rising popularity of tattoos inNigeria.

Miscellaneous: Horiyoshi gets into clothing lines? A really interesting concept for a tattoo (3D augmented reality card) and colonic tattoos used in medicine.

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  1. steph ⋅

    So I have no internet at home for the moment and “borrowing” the internet at work on a crappy ass monitor which makes it almost impossible to be able to read your blog 😦 So I shall wait to play catch up when I have the internet at home and a nice HD-LCD monitor to read your blog on 🙂

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