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serious business buzzing and fading

A few interesting ones:

scars mark pain, tattoos tell a beautiful story’ focus on self injury; it’s quite moving although as someone who’s into scarification, I’d say that scars not only mark pain but also tell and are a beautiful story, even these done by means of SI.

Scott Campbell makes a good point saying that ‘getting and giving tattoos is serious business’ while in theUS ‘National Tattoo Association will train tattoo artists to fight sex trafficking.

Tattoos and religion: ‘London tattoo artists garner church’s love’ feature the infamousCamdenwhile ‘tattoos and Torah’ focus on a female rabi and her spiritual journey.

More women in: ‘women make mark in tattoo biz’ and an interesting exhbit ‘Bareedina: Women of Oromia.’

With tax refunds just around the corner, at least in the US, here’s what some people are going to do with their money: ‘tax refunds have tattoo business buzzing.’

I bet not many people think about their (old and new) tattoos in 20 years from now but there’s at least one person who did that: ‘British study predicts how your tattoo will age.’ Not that it’s a really great discovery.

An attempt for something huge and not really sensible: ‘Birminghamman to tattoo entire body’ (how if he’s already quite tattooed not very clearly stated, though).

Books on tattoos don’t fade that quickly, though, so maybe it’s worth checking out: a new German book on tattoos.

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