hope and candy

There’s still bad news coming from Japan but it’s pretty uplifting to see how people all around the world are organizing help for the Japanese. Here two nice examples of the modified charity: ‘pierce-a-thon’ and ‘tattoos for Japan.’

A documentary ‘Tattoo Jew,’ previously mentioned in this post, finally moved to the screening phase (here’s the website of the project). Hopefully it’ll be available to purchase somewhere online as I’d love to see it.

Local artists: ‘inked in to a new life’ and a tattoo apprentice about her learning process.

Museums and tattoos: an idea for a museum called International Lyle Tuttle Museum and a museum exhibit ‘body beautiful. ‘

What the placement of your tattoo say about you? If you believe in such things, check this one out.

An article about suspension, brought to me and you by Bastian, of course (whose love for and obsession with hooks is pretty well-known ;)).

Finally a nicely morbid eye candy: Zombie Boy in Mugler’s new ad campaign and he’s looking really good!