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haunting people, generic words

Zombie Boy still hitting the headlines although this time it’s not only about his 15 minutes of fame but also about his softer, ‚human’ side which is definitely a bonus – no matter how credible his ‚mummy’ side is, at least he’s not labeled as a freak only!

Speaking of ‚atypical’ tattoos, Bastian sent me an interesting follow-up of the ‚mini’ penis tattoo – looks like certain German authorities are going to look closer into the case and fine the radio people.

Tattoos in a few different context: an interesting and meaningful one about tattoos of Tibetan refugees, a typical article on tattoos and teenagers (although some points of it are still valid!), tattoos in Toronto and eco-friendly tattoos?

History of the tattooing should be cherished and preserved, so here’s an article about Tattoo Archive based in NC, with some pics of the place (and here’s a link to the Tattoo Archive’s website!).

Finally, a nice gem for my Dutch-loving ear: a video about microdermals.

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4 responses to “haunting people, generic words

  1. Steph

    It kills me when I read about Rick and the comments that followed. People are entitled to their opinions of course, however it just goes to show how ignorant people can be and really are!

    For those of us that are tattooed, there’s usually a reason for it. A valid one, a personal/intimate one. I loathe how society is so quick to judge that because he choose to do this to himself that he’s some scumbag that doesn’t call his mom. I’m willing to bet that the general public is rather dissapointed that he’s NOT some sort of criminal douche bag that hates his mom and killed puppies or something.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    people’s empathy and imagination level is usually very low, so no wonder they think that ‘different’ means ‘bad’ – the whole eterenal concept of ‘otherness.’

    I wish him all the best and hope he’ll take the best from this adventure with the fashion world and sudden popularity!

  3. Steph

    I concur! Society as a whole is just becoming exceedingly messed up as a whole.

    I hope that Rick rides this ride of sudden stardom until the wheels fall off! Strangely enough, I never did meet him while wandering the streets of Montreal and no matter how crowded a place is you know you would notice him lol.

    I actually watched the lady gag me I mean gaga video he’s in, the man didn’t even blink the entire time! Although, he looks quite nice when he smiles I must say!

  4. bastian ⋅

    Socielty as awhole has always been messed up, and “früher war alles besser” has been around since the ancient greeks at least… I’d say he should enjoy his fame as long as it lasts, and probably the interest in it will serve as door opener to further develop the social acceptance of body modifications. I’d love to live things openly I currently cannot.

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