haunting people, generic words

Zombie Boy still hitting the headlines although this time it’s not only about his 15 minutes of fame but also about his softer, ‚human’ side which is definitely a bonus – no matter how credible his ‚mummy’ side is, at least he’s not labeled as a freak only!

Speaking of ‚atypical’ tattoos, Bastian sent me an interesting follow-up of the ‚mini’ penis tattoo – looks like certain German authorities are going to look closer into the case and fine the radio people.

Tattoos in a few different context: an interesting and meaningful one about tattoos of Tibetan refugees, a typical article on tattoos and teenagers (although some points of it are still valid!), tattoos in Toronto and eco-friendly tattoos?

History of the tattooing should be cherished and preserved, so here’s an article about Tattoo Archive based in NC, with some pics of the place (and here’s a link to the Tattoo Archive’s website!).

Finally, a nice gem for my Dutch-loving ear: a video about microdermals.