slightly delayed but still interesting

Some delay caused by loads of work IRL. 

After the big earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, local body modifiers started raising money to help victims and many of those who survived and helped others in the rough time ‚right after’ decided to get tattoos done.

Also from New Zealand about Maori heads being returned to their homeland and a link to some info on the person who tries to bring the lost warriors home.

A few interesting articles about tattoo artists: Lyle Tuttle, Keone Nunes and a local Texan artist.

An exotic touch from Jamaica: the local piercing scene.

Zombie Boy resurfaces again and it looks like it’s his 15 minuts of fame; may it last longer than that!

Tattoos-inspired: new energy shot brand.

Interesting but not really posing a threat to tattoo artists: automatic tattoo machine.