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just a handful

An interesting piece of news from Canada where piercers from yet another province demand more regulations in the industry

Women in the industry: a light one about Katzen and another one about a tattoo artist named Andreana Verona

Women are a focus point in this one about body modification and sex.

Wim Delvoye again but this time it’s news about him looking for an investor.

Two articles in Polish: Szczecin-based artist Anabi in a final stage of an international tattoo contest and an interesting article about art uniting ideas of folk art and tattoos.

Two miscellaneous ones: Warcraft tattoos and ‘the worst tattoo in Austin contest.’

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2 responses to “just a handful

  1. Steph

    While I 100% agree that there should be some form of regulation in the modification industry, it would seem that the health industry is suffering in that regard as well…

    I’ll be blogging about that sometime today as the more I think about it, the more pissed off I get at my Dr.’s antics. >.<
    More so to show that hospitals/places of health care aren't always better/cleaner or more sterile.

  2. bastian ⋅

    body modifications and sex? And no link? Aaah, how teasing! 🙂

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