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risky choices and decisions

Many articles on tattoo inks causing cancer in Germany. Bastian provided us with some more scientific data here.

Interesting tattoo history trivia from CA.

Wim Delvoye tends to appear on here every few months and looks like it’s his time again – some interesting pictures of his farm and his deeds.

I’ve never seen ‘Memento’ movie but since it turns 10 this year, here’s an interesting article on it. In the same vein, another tattooed characterSolomon Kane.

Tattoo conventions: in Polish from Lodz, Poland and from TX about The Ink Life Tour.

This one’s already caused much uproar on the web: a (not so well done) incarnation of Zombie Boy: Mad Dog Deon and his facial tattoo.

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3 responses to “risky choices and decisions

  1. Bastian ⋅

    This German agency finding all those non-regulated and in some cases downright dangerous ingredients in tattoo inks might very well lead to tightened EU regulations of same. Not sure if that’s what the industry wants. I^m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of this, and you’ll be informing us about it 🙂
    And you haven’t seen Memento? You totally should! I guess I should do something about that!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I’m gonna watch ‘Solomon Kane,’ though – Conan’s ‘brother’ must be at least somewhat interesting 😉

  3. Steph

    Tattooed pigs… It’s official, I have now seen it all 🙂
    Although, to ensure that YOU my dear friend has seen it all, I have posted pictures of my goodies in between the “30 days” postings.
    Enjoy 🙂

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