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love, sport, tattoos

Since the Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, let’s link to some related stuff: ‘romance equals piercings, tattoos’ and ‘heart murmur at Mission Ink.’

Local shops and touch in: an interview with the owner of Freie Manufaktur shop, Inkfingers in Ireland and a bit of history in ‘Original skin: eighties ink.’ 

An interesting article from Borneo featuring Lars Krutak.

Against stereotypes that tattoos are hard rockers’ domain: ‘SSO member gets inked during tattoo fundraiser to save the music.’

A very nice submission from Bastian: ‘bikepolo players;’ I dug a slideshow out where you can see tattoos on many of the players. Looks like a cool sport and Canada will have the first bike polo court in the world soon!

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2 responses to “love, sport, tattoos

  1. bastian ⋅

    you should totally start playing bike polo! That’d complement your “tattoos and fit bodies” interests pretty nicely!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I guess I value my nose and teeth way too much to play it:D
    once it gets warmer, though, I’m def. gonna use my bike pretty extensively!

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