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An interesting photography exhibit in FL: ‘body art of the Ethiopian tribes;’ some information on the book and the author can be found here and let’s also add some info on the tribes in question.

Interesting are also these two articles on henna ‘tattoos

The Puma brand decided to go regional and is launching a new streetwear colletion with a little help from South American tattoo artists.

More entertainment: Liam Neeson is going to be an Irish tattoo artist in Hangover 2 while a rapper called Waka Flocka takes part in PETA’s ‘Ink not Mink’ campaign.

Tattoos must be pretty mainstream if Washington Post announces that ‘Getting a tattoo is largely safe, though experts advise using a reputable shop’ and ‘tattooing outgrows its renegade image to thrive in the mainstream.’

A new book on tattoos in which a German sociologist claims that nowadays tattoos are a pretty ‘conservative gesture.’

And an interesting charity action: ‘closer to heart’ in Canada against breast cancer.

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