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events, exhibits and more

Quite eventful weekend with the Philly Tattoo Convention and the Superbowl Games (very tattoorelated!) 

Pretty interesting exhibitons, too: ‘exploring the black male identity through tattoos’ in Chicago, IL and ‘Mayan Fashion’ in Poznan, Poland (and this one I’m going to see when I meet my piercer for my next procedure in April!).

On the verge of art and shocking value is an Australian tattoo artist who uses his own blood to create his tattoo: Rev Mayers (and more on him).

An interesting article about the Maori heads being returned to their native land.

Finally, some weird ones: sounds incredible but who knows – ‘German man tattoos ‘mini’ on his penis to win a car!’ Much more interesting one, though, is a blog post about carrot tattoos.

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