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dawn of the living dead? ;)

I didn’t have much time to browse the web this passing week, so I was so nicely surprised when I checked out Shannon Larratt’s blog and saw his post about Skull Boy aka Zombie Boy starring in a huge fashion show! I promised myself to dig deeper into it and looks like the web is buzzing about it to a degree. This video of the Zombie Boy is particularly interesting and visually nice.

In other news:

The Swiss bank with a ridiculously detailed dress code seems to be backing out of it!

Body art featured in museums again; here’s some info on an upcoming exhibit in Wichita Art Museum (and the site of the museum itself); in a similar vein, an article about an exhibit called ‘Manawa Tattoo’ in New Zealand.

Art again: a painting ‘Tattooed Girls’ by a German painter.

Faith: an interesting article about a tattooing tradition in Bosnia and Hercegovina; too bad it’s in Polish as it’s a kind of obscure language. In a nutshell, it’s about a dying out tradition of tattooing crosses to show the devotion to Catholicism and prevent forcing someone to convert to islam (the tradition was born centuries ago when the Turks used to kidnap people from the area). There’s a facebook page devoted to it as well.

From WA a short article about proposed changes in tattoo requirements: ‘lawmakers want apprenticeship added.’

A goofy miscellaneous piece: a Verizon uber fan!

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