mutilated glamour

Big words about the fashion show the Skull Boy took part in: ‘Fashion moves from temporary to real tattoos.’ I don’t see it happening, though – sooner or later they’ll move on to something entirely different and better for the models not to get tattooed in hopes for a few lucrative gigs. Fashion industry tends to move back and forth between many different styles and it never lasts long. I remember these beautiful ‘ethnic’ models from Ethiopia and other African countries whose bodies were so wonderfully and naturally slender, Jenny Shimuzu whose tomboy look was nicely underground-ish or Eve Salvail who rocked a tattooed scalp and now they’re long gone and replaced by generic, Slavic beauty type of girls.

A lil in this vein, too, a Polish article on Suicide Girls

The good thing, though, that tattoos and body art still can be admired and reflect upon: ‘when a holy man’s skin is the canvas’ about the exhibit showing pictures of the Sadhus and a very interesting essay submitted by Bastian: ‘the art of mutilation’ by Crispin Sartwell

An interesting project at the Florida Atlantic University: ‘stories on the skin’ (their official website). 

Speaking of ‘mutilation,’ the Florida-based policemen are banned from many different kinds of body modification (and modifying ears and tongues is called ‘mutilation art!)

 A bit of history thanks to an interesting submission from Bastian: ‘the truth about Sissi’ (a bit more info on the empress!) and an article about an upcoming book devoted to Milwaukee’s tattoo pioneer!

 For those who consider getting tattooed there’s a whole bunch of German articles submitted from Bastian (very productive of him;)): ‘beautiful and dangerous’ (risks), ‘pretty or ugly’ (a survey) and ‘before you get inked’ (tips from those who already got some work done). 

Local artists: two tattooers from German-speaking countries and one caught in action at the Rites of Passage tattoo convention in Australia.

Finally some odd ones: ‘M.I.A. asks fans to decide on tattoo,’ ‘facebook-inspired tattoo’ on another rapper, a Texan woman banned from getting tattooed by a local judge and New Zealand cops accused of forceful piercing removal.

dawn of the living dead? ;)

I didn’t have much time to browse the web this passing week, so I was so nicely surprised when I checked out Shannon Larratt’s blog and saw his post about Skull Boy aka Zombie Boy starring in a huge fashion show! I promised myself to dig deeper into it and looks like the web is buzzing about it to a degree. This video of the Zombie Boy is particularly interesting and visually nice.

In other news:

The Swiss bank with a ridiculously detailed dress code seems to be backing out of it!

Body art featured in museums again; here’s some info on an upcoming exhibit in Wichita Art Museum (and the site of the museum itself); in a similar vein, an article about an exhibit called ‘Manawa Tattoo’ in New Zealand.

Art again: a painting ‘Tattooed Girls’ by a German painter.

Faith: an interesting article about a tattooing tradition in Bosnia and Hercegovina; too bad it’s in Polish as it’s a kind of obscure language. In a nutshell, it’s about a dying out tradition of tattooing crosses to show the devotion to Catholicism and prevent forcing someone to convert to islam (the tradition was born centuries ago when the Turks used to kidnap people from the area). There’s a facebook page devoted to it as well.

From WA a short article about proposed changes in tattoo requirements: ‘lawmakers want apprenticeship added.’

A goofy miscellaneous piece: a Verizon uber fan!

news from the passing week

Regulations question pops up yet again in Australia and WY, USA

An interesting article about tongue piercings and how bacteria colonized jewelry differently is quite interesting.

Popularity of tattoos in New Zealand

New books on tattoos: a coffee table book on Sailor Jerry to commemorate the anniversary of his 100th birthday and some info on an upcoming book about tattoos in the army.

Also both book and tattoos-related: Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. I’m not really sure if she’s better than the Swedish Salander but at least we now also know that music for the American version will be composed by Trent Reznor of NIN fame himself.

Tattoo conventions: Texas Tattoo Art Revival event, the first ever tattoo convention in Borneo and a tattoo convention in Poland (scheduled for February).

Miscellaneous: Harry Potter tattoos, a few pictures of ‘Zombie Boy’ and, for Steph whos’a Hello Kitty fan, Hello Kitty tattoo designs.

entertaining and serious

An interesting post online, ‘Elvis Ink,’ reminded me that tomorrow it is Elvis’s birthday. Never a fan of his music but without him the modern music would have been very different from what it is today.

Also music-related are two other posts: ’13 wonderful song lyrics tattoos’ and a short one about Maroon 5 frontman participating in a cancer awareness campaign.

New York and tattoos: new show called ‘New York Ink’ is supposed to appear on air soon and here’s an article about a very interesting tattoo sleeve devoted to Queens.

Something serious that’s tattoos-related also happened: a museum in Frankfurt decided to send back to New Zealand two Maori heads in its collection. It’s a very important gesture! Giving the Maori heads owned by French museums back was also decided by the French Parliament in 2010.

intriguing people, urgent calls

The first week of the new year has been good so far, news-wise included.

First, let’s focus a little on changes the new year either brings/ is going to or should bring: in Queensland, Australia, people want stricter regulations of the body piercing industry while in Boulder, CO  some body artists feel ‘targeted’ (you can take a look at the shop run by the author of the letter here).

A look at tattoo ‘industry’ in Bangladesh.

I quite like the column (?) ‘Intriguing people 2011’ in a local newspaper and even better the guy that got featured in it: ‘firefighting, tutus and tattoos;’ another intriguing guy comes from the UK and is a policeman with quite a lot of body art. And an intriguing woman, also from the UK: ‘an obsessed fan with a Twilight back piece.’

In the ‘miscellaneous’ you can read about a NV tattoo shop booming after national exposure in an industry magazine and TapTap app now available for Android.