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new news!

What’s new?

Almost 2 weeks ago Bastian sent me a story about a dress code in one of the Swiss banks. It definitely caused some uproar on the web.

Speaking of dress codes, here’s another one discussing the new dress code for the Polish policemen and also an article from South Africa about ‘suggestions’ for the policemen over there.

Also, an interesting one from the Emirates where ‘Abu Dhabi fatwa declares tattoos haram’ (more on ‘fatwa’ and ‘haram’). About tattoos looked down upon also in an upcoming documentary about the tattooed, ‘Color Me Equal.’

I’m not a vegan but I know there are people out there who care about it, so here are interesting articles about vegan ink: ‘the art of vegan tattooing’ and an interview with a vegan tattoo artist. Also, in a similar vein, an article about Wim Delvoye from a vegetarian perspective!

Tattoo artists: the authors of trash polka style (their website), profiles of a few influential tattoo artists today and sad news about Adrienne Roy, a comic and tattoo artist who died recently. And an interesting article about a German ethnologist Karl von den Steinen.

Since I’ve just watched the ‘Black Swan’ movie and saw what a demanding form of body modification ballet can be, here’s an article about ‘ballerina’s ‘fat’ body being an art form’ and a pretty interesting article from South Africa about different kinds of beauty and their future.

Tattoo popularity’s still growing: tattoos as Christmas gifts (sadly or not, I didn’t get any!), a new tattoo show called ‘Best Ink’ and car tattoos brought to us by Ford.

In less serious news, ‘the 20 bands that inspire tattoos like no other’ and a Belgian piece of news on ‘ear cuffs.’

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4 responses to “new news!

  1. bastian ⋅

    Seems like dress codes are making a strong resurgence everywhere after things relaxed a lot compared with two or even one generation ago. I believe the recent popularity of body modification/body ‘art’ is at least partly responsible for this development, sad as it is.

  2. Steph

    I got two new tattoos for Christmas 🙂
    I got them as a Christmas present to myself. A well deserved one at that!
    Pictures will be forthcoming once I heal up some. I’m rather scabby right now!
    I think however you will appreciate the one of the new ones since you love words like I do!

  3. aniareads ⋅

    You make me curious, Steph:) good for you, though!
    my ideas for Christmas presents right now are usually about running clothes but once the warmer weather is here, I’ll have calves perfect for tattoos 😉

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