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Health, people and what a police(wo)man shouldn’t have on them

The weather hasn’t been all balmy and nice in Europe recently, so no wonder that at least some online newspapers included warnings about it in their daily contents. Here interesting, short articles about body piercings and low temperatures in Dutch.

More on health: a doctor’s take on body piercings, allergies commonly caused by body piercings, tattoos and … cell phones, tongue piercing-related health and social risks, medical alert tattoos again and a Polish one about organ donors and their tattoos.

People somehow related to tattoos: Tattoo Betty (her myspace page), a guy who wants to get 100.000 tattoos tattooed on him for charity and a journalist turned tattooist from Malaysia.

Tattoo industry: Berlin tattoo convention, how to get a career in tattooing (from India, so it’s very specific) and an interesting one about tattoo designs called SIG (sexy ink girls).

Two points of view on getting tattooed: ‘Skin Graffiti’ picturing tattoos as a big no-no (and a pic of a gangsta to make the point even clearer) and a pretty cool one answering the question ‘why I got more ink?

Miscellaneous: tattoo graphics on computer cases and a Polish one about a new police dress code that forbids visible tattoos and other bodily decorations.

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