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small world, nice food

Some local touch for starters: interviews and articles about tattoo artists operating away from the big celebs-filled world: two local artists and an OH-based all women-tattoo shop just opened.

Big world to even things out: Scott Campbell and his Louis Vuitton adventure and a little bit more on Kat Von D and her new book.

This one is a real gem in more than just one dimension: ear stretching a.k.a ear gauging 😉

This one, on the other hand, is really interesting: ‘prototype ‘piercing’ restores man’s ability to swallow’ (more).

An odd article and a pretty nice picture from Germany.

Finally, an article about ‘tasty’ tattoos – food rules, eh?

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2 responses to “small world, nice food

  1. bastian

    mmmmh… food tattoos! Here’s more, and now I”m going to help myself to some tasty cake. You know, I need to build up some energy for when I’m getting dragged out from the sofa by my new four-legged life companion soon 🙂

  2. aniareads ⋅

    You better buy yourself a decent pen and get ready to start filling in this training log you’ve been neglecting for so long! 😛

    next time we’re running together, Jorda included!

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