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tattoos ‘in’ and ‘out’

Another bunch of cool ones:

Vince Hemmingson fnally made it and now his Tattoo Project is out there to admire! On the other side of the spectrum is “East of Eden’ where tattoos are not so pretty and human bodies look less spectacular (photographs of Russia’s petty gangstas).

Allegedly ‘more Brits have their tattoos removed’ which doesn’t mean that tattoos lose their popularity: here some tattoo tales from the FIFA’s website, a short one about a new version of the computer game called ‘Tattoo Artist’ and a really good reason to get tattoos: ‘choosing tattoos over medical alert bracelets.’

A dose of head-(and stomach)turning in an article portraying such great performance artists as Stelarc and Orlan.

Celebs: Kat Von D on her relationships out in the open and her profession and Joanna Angel in a Hungarian tattoo magazine.

Interesting news from Germany: law forbids tattooing animals (in English).

And finally a nice one to look at and admire: cool rib tattoo designs.

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