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a good bunch

It’s a good thing to go through some articles related to body modification and see there are quite a few good ones! This week’s selection then includes:

Nano-tattoos developed to help monitor health!

Black light tattoos – more and more popular as they are not as visible as the ‘normal’ ones and thus easier to hide.

Tattoos and tradition: Maori tattoo studio opened in New Zealand and a TX-based tattoo artist helping Native Canadians recapture their tradition of ink.

Tattoo celebs: Kat Von D and her book once again (btw, I’ve just finished reading ‘Tattoo Chronicles’ and I’m going to share my thoughts soon) and Ozzy Osbourne and his profound reflections on the subject of tattoos.

Not a celeb yet but certainly quite a personality on his university campus: ‘student’s hobbies express spirituality.’

Miscellaneous: tattoo printed tights, tattoos on Pringle clothes, tattoo-inspired type font available, a 13-yr-old Russian kid with a tattoo sleeve and a very nice action called ‘a nightmare for Christmas’ which main goal is fund raising.

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