good and bad fame

Another case of forceful tattooing, this time from Taipei.

Other not that good news from Toronto where the health warning was issued about one of the local shops and from NYC where a celeb tattoo artist, Jonathan Shaw, was ‘arrested for arsenal of weapon.’

Fortunately, there’s also some good news in store: an interesting initiative in Tempe, AZ, called ‘who’s your neighbor’ featuring members of the pierced and tattooed community in town to let others know more about the subculture and lifestyle. Also, celeb appeal still surrounds Kat Von D whose book signings attract hundreds of fans. In another local community a local ‘tattoo shop chain’ enjoys good reputation and people’s trust.

This one seems like an interesting project: documentary ‘Tattoo Jew’ that’s, sadly, still in the making.

Finally, a short article with quite a few pictures about gang members: ‘for gangs, tattoos are out.’