blood, people and some lofty ideals

Busy these days hence less frequent updates but no worries, I’m still in!

A few interesting ones, as usual:

‘Modified charity’ this time shown doing free pink ribbon tattoos.

Also somewhat medical, news from New Zealand where ‘tattoo craze hits blood service’ – many tattooed potential blood donors are turned down because of their tattoos. And event though I do understand the fears and risks possible, statements like this one (‘”They [tattooists] might be using new needles but dipping them in the same ink pots… we just don’t know,” said Hayes.’) show that people behind blood drive programs should also educate themselves on the tattooing process.

Another one from New Zealand presents a very short history of tattoos.

People: Ed Hardy and his life in Hawaii, a new book by Kat Von D (I pre-ordered this one and it’s somewhere between the US and Poland atm, so expect my own review soon) and another article about Ataturk tattoos in Turkey.

Sideshow performances are a must at modern tattoo conventions, so this article, ‘more than ogling at oddities,’ deserves some space on this blog. And while speaking about tattoo conventions, here’s a short one about Dublin Tattoo Convention which title is really great: ‘you have no idea what’s going on beneath people’s clothes!

Finally, a nice one about clever promo campaign designed by a tattoo shop from Canada.