tattoos ‘in’ and ‘out’

Another bunch of cool ones:

Vince Hemmingson fnally made it and now his Tattoo Project is out there to admire! On the other side of the spectrum is “East of Eden’ where tattoos are not so pretty and human bodies look less spectacular (photographs of Russia’s petty gangstas).

Allegedly ‘more Brits have their tattoos removed’ which doesn’t mean that tattoos lose their popularity: here some tattoo tales from the FIFA’s website, a short one about a new version of the computer game called ‘Tattoo Artist’ and a really good reason to get tattoos: ‘choosing tattoos over medical alert bracelets.’

A dose of head-(and stomach)turning in an article portraying such great performance artists as Stelarc and Orlan.

Celebs: Kat Von D on her relationships out in the open and her profession and Joanna Angel in a Hungarian tattoo magazine.

Interesting news from Germany: law forbids tattooing animals (in English).

And finally a nice one to look at and admire: cool rib tattoo designs.

a good bunch

It’s a good thing to go through some articles related to body modification and see there are quite a few good ones! This week’s selection then includes:

Nano-tattoos developed to help monitor health!

Black light tattoos – more and more popular as they are not as visible as the ‘normal’ ones and thus easier to hide.

Tattoos and tradition: Maori tattoo studio opened in New Zealand and a TX-based tattoo artist helping Native Canadians recapture their tradition of ink.

Tattoo celebs: Kat Von D and her book once again (btw, I’ve just finished reading ‘Tattoo Chronicles’ and I’m going to share my thoughts soon) and Ozzy Osbourne and his profound reflections on the subject of tattoos.

Not a celeb yet but certainly quite a personality on his university campus: ‘student’s hobbies express spirituality.’

Miscellaneous: tattoo printed tights, tattoos on Pringle clothes, tattoo-inspired type font available, a 13-yr-old Russian kid with a tattoo sleeve and a very nice action called ‘a nightmare for Christmas’ which main goal is fund raising.

temporary or local, either way tattoos are cool

Tattoos still big enough to exploit them via a ‘temporary’ route; this time at least in interesting ways: temporary gold tattoos and temporary eye tattoos (fot the eyelids, I assume!).

A pinch of scrutiny for the local scenes: tattoos in Zimbabwe and ‘behind the ink: tattoos in Hawaii.’

A very interesting article about ‘nipple aureola restoration’!

And a very interesting question with even a better answer: ‘can you tattoo a CPA exam cheat sheet on your arm?’ More on CPA here.

good and bad fame

Another case of forceful tattooing, this time from Taipei.

Other not that good news from Toronto where the health warning was issued about one of the local shops and from NYC where a celeb tattoo artist, Jonathan Shaw, was ‘arrested for arsenal of weapon.’

Fortunately, there’s also some good news in store: an interesting initiative in Tempe, AZ, called ‘who’s your neighbor’ featuring members of the pierced and tattooed community in town to let others know more about the subculture and lifestyle. Also, celeb appeal still surrounds Kat Von D whose book signings attract hundreds of fans. In another local community a local ‘tattoo shop chain’ enjoys good reputation and people’s trust.

This one seems like an interesting project: documentary ‘Tattoo Jew’ that’s, sadly, still in the making.

Finally, a short article with quite a few pictures about gang members: ‘for gangs, tattoos are out.’

blood, people and some lofty ideals

Busy these days hence less frequent updates but no worries, I’m still in!

A few interesting ones, as usual:

‘Modified charity’ this time shown doing free pink ribbon tattoos.

Also somewhat medical, news from New Zealand where ‘tattoo craze hits blood service’ – many tattooed potential blood donors are turned down because of their tattoos. And event though I do understand the fears and risks possible, statements like this one (‘”They [tattooists] might be using new needles but dipping them in the same ink pots… we just don’t know,” said Hayes.’) show that people behind blood drive programs should also educate themselves on the tattooing process.

Another one from New Zealand presents a very short history of tattoos.

People: Ed Hardy and his life in Hawaii, a new book by Kat Von D (I pre-ordered this one and it’s somewhere between the US and Poland atm, so expect my own review soon) and another article about Ataturk tattoos in Turkey.

Sideshow performances are a must at modern tattoo conventions, so this article, ‘more than ogling at oddities,’ deserves some space on this blog. And while speaking about tattoo conventions, here’s a short one about Dublin Tattoo Convention which title is really great: ‘you have no idea what’s going on beneath people’s clothes!

Finally, a nice one about clever promo campaign designed by a tattoo shop from Canada.

be nice and careful!

Another one about the not-so-wanted penis tattoo here (submitted by Bastian!) and other ones from Australia as well, so we could remember that it’s not all crazy and weird down under: ‘body art awareness program for high schools’ and ‘why tats have left a mark on Gen Y.’

Germany represented by an article about a tattoo photographer, Joerg Pramor and his new 2011 calendar featuring some tattoos.

Tattoo etiquette’ from the USA.

Two interesting ones from Poland: a short video about a local shop from Rzeszów and a slide show focused on the most famous film tattoos.

Finally, an interesting although not that light article submitted by Bastian again: ‘tattooing linked to higher risk of hepatitis C, study finds.’