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self-mutilation and a few other gems

Seeing how I’ve recently read, written and posted a review about ‘Word Made Flesh,’ here more links to articles about the book; at least worth checking out.

The Vegetarian Festival still popular and here you’ll find not only an interesting background story about it but also an article with a much-telling title ‘festive self-mutilation.’

Tattoos and (possible) regrets in ‘do you regret your college tattoos?’ and an article about a Canadian initiative ‘Think before you ink!

Tattoos for good cause in an article about an activist (‘every tattoo tells a story’) and ’75 paw-print tattoos for an animal shelter.’

It just had to happen: ‘open your heart and be modified!’ makes fun of Church of Body Modification. Why not? Modified people usually have a sense of humor!

This one, in German, I got from Bastian but here you also have an English version of a story of a tattoo fan having gone for quite an unusual tattoo!

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