hardcore and somewhat gender-bent

A few interesting ones to start a new week:

Interesting news from Australia: warnings about the DIY job but also news about a local priest that’s against tattooing and body piercing.

From the southern hemisphere also cool pictures from the Vegetarian festival. That’s pretty ‘badass.’

And seeing how tattoos seem to lose their edge (‘growing trend of tattoos,’ ‘have tattoos lost their ‘badass’ image?’ and ‘no longer taboo for women…’), maybe that’s a way to go? 😉

Why your tattoo artist hates you?’ is worth reading although not very seriously; honestly, though, there seems to be something to it.

A nice and touching idea in an article about ‘orthotic brace with a tattoo for young child.’

An interesting choice of tattoo designs: silent film stars.

And something that’s definitely unusual and interesting: ‘tattooing horses’ eyelids can prevent cancer.’