a nice collection

A few interesting additions to a few of my blog categories which is great!

First, art and culture: tattoos in galleries from VA and NV.

Tattoo events around the world: Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth and, on much smaller a scale, a review of the Philippine Dutdutan X and, attention please!, a short video from Poznan, Poland where the first Poznan Tattoo Convention is taking place this weekend. At the end of the video you can catch a glimpse of my favorite shop’s booth. Why I’m not there? Work, work, work! *sigh*

Tattoos from the anthropological perspective: ‘magic tattoos’ from Cambodia and the archeological findings hinting at ancient Andean acupuncture.

More than meets the eye in interesting articles about ‘tattoos paying tribute and bringing cosmetic comfort’ (cancer survivors-related), ‘tattoos helping overcome severe childhood burn‘ and, quite touching, ‘prosthetic Picassos at Scottish Rite.’

Local scene pictured in ‘Cathedral Tattoo’ (website coming soon) and ‘Anomaly of the Flesh’ describing the tattoo scene in Flagstaff, AZ.

Suspension-related stuff brought to me and you by Bastian: the Greek original and the English translation.

Another one from Bastian discusses Church of Body Modification in quite light a tone.

A few odd ones: ‘sergeant tracked ‘kills’ with skull tattoos’ and ‘the worst tattoo ever?’ (a mugshot and a strange background story involved).