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‘trending’ now?

Dress code still a hot topic: in UK ‘Support for Blackburn tattoo girl in jobs row’ while in the US ‘tattoo symbolizing marine life causing vet to lose his job’ and (a pretty good point) ‘tattoos hardly a valid school worry.’

London Tattoo Convention in pictures!

And a nice one from New Zealand: ‘Ink of Aotearoa’ (another one).

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One response to “‘trending’ now?

  1. Don

    Labelling the tattooed/pierced Blackburn girl as “unemployable” is a bit excessive, but she is nevertheless limiting her options – because rightly or wrongly people judge by appearances, and it’s one of the few things left that employers can legally discriminate against.

    The article doesn’t say whats in her CV, but as well as (say) an alternative clothing store or retail outlet aimed at the youth fashion market, she could try for any number of call centre or telesales jobs. With those, the customer couldn’t care less what the person on the other end of the phone looks like.

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