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This passing week was pretty good articles-on-the-subject-wise, so here’s a selection:

London Tattoo Convention this weekend but there are also other events around the world and Dutdutan X also deserves some attention. Also in Philippines an article about the local tattoo industry and one Filipino artist who succeeded in the US.

Speaking of the great success, a documentary about Ed Hardy, ‘Ed Hardy. Tattoo the World,’ shows his road to fame, respect and money.

Another great one showing the beauty of body art, Chris Rainier, can be seen in a new documentary ‘Tattoo Odyssey.’

Dress code strikes again in articles from the Us and the UK: ‘student suspended over tattoo’ in FL and a much worse one from the UK where a job center employee told a pierced and tattooed woman a few harsh words.

Two tattooed people that approach their body art in two, quite different ways: Isobel Varley and the *in*famous Hostgator Dotcom.

Personal stories always can charm even the great opponents of tattoos; here’s a small selection of such stories: ‘getting inked in Iceland,’ ‘more older Canadians getting inked,’ ‘body art tells stories.’

Finally, an interesting initiative from the UK again: ‘tattoo artists swap tips’ with health officers.

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