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art, laugh and some stares

The old ‘beautiful or ugly’ dilemma revived in such articles as ‘are tattoos attractive or do they ruin bodies?’ and ‘the case against tattoos.’ Try to smell humor when possible!

On a definitely humorous note a text about California going to tax tattoos. Would make for a great source of money, wouldn’t it?

Definitely some impressive tattoos in two articles about Star Wars Convention V: ‘getting inked’ and ‘tattoo contest winners.’

Let’s then jump to art and take a look at an interesting interview with an artist named Chat Zar whose art is often done as tattoos and is said to be a little like Paul Booth’s.

News from the world include an article about a Philippine tattoo contest Tadtad 2010, news about a modern version of a side show in the form of Wildstyle and Tattoo Fair traveling around Germany and Austria, a very interesting article about a modern journeyman where you can read about an ear piercing tradition and a video about ‘bodymod in Tyrol’ (the last two were submitted from Bastian, so big thank-you to him!)

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4 responses to “art, laugh and some stares

  1. bastian ⋅

    haha, the “California tat tax” one had me laughing. Although the politician quoted had a point when he said they were addictive, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. aniareads ⋅

    judging by some politicians’ actions, getting on TV and talking nonsense is addictive, too 😛

    I don’t think tattoos are addicitve; it’s the people being weak-willed;)

  3. bastian ⋅

    You and weak-willed? I stay with “addictive” 🙂

  4. aniareads ⋅

    never said it’s me, did I? 😉

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