‘trending’ now?

Dress code still a hot topic: in UK ‘Support for Blackburn tattoo girl in jobs row’ while in the US ‘tattoo symbolizing marine life causing vet to lose his job’ and (a pretty good point) ‘tattoos hardly a valid school worry.’

London Tattoo Convention in pictures!

And a nice one from New Zealand: ‘Ink of Aotearoa’ (another one).

events, people and personal stories

This passing week was pretty good articles-on-the-subject-wise, so here’s a selection:

London Tattoo Convention this weekend but there are also other events around the world and Dutdutan X also deserves some attention. Also in Philippines an article about the local tattoo industry and one Filipino artist who succeeded in the US.

Speaking of the great success, a documentary about Ed Hardy, ‘Ed Hardy. Tattoo the World,’ shows his road to fame, respect and money.

Another great one showing the beauty of body art, Chris Rainier, can be seen in a new documentary ‘Tattoo Odyssey.’

Dress code strikes again in articles from the Us and the UK: ‘student suspended over tattoo’ in FL and a much worse one from the UK where a job center employee told a pierced and tattooed woman a few harsh words.

Two tattooed people that approach their body art in two, quite different ways: Isobel Varley and the *in*famous Hostgator Dotcom.

Personal stories always can charm even the great opponents of tattoos; here’s a small selection of such stories: ‘getting inked in Iceland,’ ‘more older Canadians getting inked,’ ‘body art tells stories.’

Finally, an interesting initiative from the UK again: ‘tattoo artists swap tips’ with health officers.

less is more … sometimes

Only a handful of interesting ones and in English only at that:

Church of Body Modification is still getting some publicity and the media are using the shock value of body modification as you can see in this slide show.

The new MissInkAmerica wouldn’t shock anyone with her tattoos and maybe that’s what it is all about.

Two good artists: Mo Coppoletta (link to his website) and Horiryu (his website here) – worth checking out!

body modification = interesting

Most of the links I came across at the beginning of this week proved to be interesting ones!

Let’s start with school dress code as there’s an interesting article presenting two points of view at the Clayton school/ Church of Body Modification case. Another one from SC shows that adhering to the rules applies not only to students but also to school employees, so maybe it’s fairer now? But there is also a cool article about a math teacher who started using temporary tattoos to make learning more enjoyable!

Faith and tattoos don’t usually go hand in hand but things have been changing: ‘inkling of faith’ from TX discussing a study of religious tattoos and a CA pastor getting a tattoo to celebrate the first anniversary/ birthday of the church (more). And here’s a pretty personal take on tattoos: ‘blog meme: my tattoo, my faith.’

Attempts to reach out to young people to show them what’s important: ‘health and safety come first.’

Almost gossip but also a good reason to link to the website in question: Angelina Jolie talks about her tattoos to an Australian magazine ‘Post-Modern Ink.’

More exotic locations represented by an article from Borneo about an upcoming tattoo event, from South Korea about efforts to change the law about tattoos and a pretty long overview of the history of tattoos in Polish (plus an interesting gallery of pictures of tattooed people – check it out!).

some good stuff

After a weak start of this week, there’s a bunch of really interesting ones:

Might be a big thing: court decided that tattoo parlors are covered by the 1st Amendment (more about it). And here’s some info on the 1st Amendment.

Freedom of expression is not granted in school, though, and here an article about one American high school girl who tried to fight the dress code by means of the ‘doctrine’ of Church of Body Modification.

Artistic freedom and expression in an exhibit ‘Maryland, My Maryland’ showing works by many tattoo artists.

Suspension-related gem in ‘Hooked: blood, masochism and the shocking thrill of human suspension.’ Some of the comments are priceless!

‘Ugliness’ is ‘in’ now: ‘fashionably bad teeth’ discusses the current trend in the fashion world where ‘flaws’ (tattoos and piercings included) and accepted and even wanted on models.

Charity, Inkorporated’ is about a local fundraising to support a non-profit organization focused on autism; tattoo artists play a crucial role in the fundraising.

A new book on tattoos: ‘The word made flesh’ which, coincidentally, I pre-ordered yesterday. I’m really curious if it’s better than books by Ina Saltz.

One of my pet peeves in a Polish article about tattoos being addictive. Since the name of the shop is not very original, I couldn’t find its website.

Something to look at: star tattoo mistakes (thanks, Bastian!) and photos from a tattoo convention in Taipei.

(almost) all quiet

A slow beginning of the week but obviously there were some tattoo conventions happening during the weekend as besides the info on the Boston Tattoo Convention, here’s also an article about a tattoo convention in Germany. And some info on the upcoming, quite important event, i.e. London International Tattoo Convention 2010.

An article about the first Miss Ink America who’s preparing to pass the crown.

Another attempt at ‘every body has a story’ in an article telling about and showing tattoos on people in Richmond, VA.

Meanwhile, across the Pond (as the British allegedly say), some students of the vocational institute in Finland have to deal with a ban on body piercing jewelry.

We’ve already seen quite a few people ready to sell space on their skin to get (or raise) some money; here’s another try by a teenage mother who wants to get more money for her son.

As always, it’s quite surprising to hear (or read) a doctor discussing tattoos and piercings; good points they may make but their stubborn acceptance of the piercing guns is still surprising, just like in this one.

tattoo event, ideas and joys

Big event this weekend in Boston, so here’s an article and an interview with the organizer of the convention!

Quite a few interesting links on tattoo ideas: the ink of war: Afghanistan Air Base best tattoos, ‘cyborg’ tattoo and a family tree sleeve! Of course, everyone should know that ‘you are a loser because you have a tattoo,’ too!

A touch of local history in a form of obituary for an unusual woman: ‘Vicki Harris made tattoos a legitimate business in Tampa.’

A nice gesture for a boy suffering from Spina Bifida: ‘cast decorated in tattoos.’

A piece of news from Japan: ‘Kobe eyes a tattoo ban at beach.’

I’m not really sure if I ever give this book  a chance and read it but who knows? A new Polish book, ‘I’ll buy a hand,’ uses a motif of tattoos to discuss selling out in the modern society/ culture.

art, laugh and some stares

The old ‘beautiful or ugly’ dilemma revived in such articles as ‘are tattoos attractive or do they ruin bodies?’ and ‘the case against tattoos.’ Try to smell humor when possible!

On a definitely humorous note a text about California going to tax tattoos. Would make for a great source of money, wouldn’t it?

Definitely some impressive tattoos in two articles about Star Wars Convention V: ‘getting inked’ and ‘tattoo contest winners.’

Let’s then jump to art and take a look at an interesting interview with an artist named Chat Zar whose art is often done as tattoos and is said to be a little like Paul Booth’s.

News from the world include an article about a Philippine tattoo contest Tadtad 2010, news about a modern version of a side show in the form of Wildstyle and Tattoo Fair traveling around Germany and Austria, a very interesting article about a modern journeyman where you can read about an ear piercing tradition and a video about ‘bodymod in Tyrol’ (the last two were submitted from Bastian, so big thank-you to him!)