the eye of beholder

‘Ugly models’ were already mentioned on here but looks like their popularity is growing and soon there will be a new reality TV show focused on them.

Obviously, what’s ugly for some people, is beautiful to others and here a piece of news about a new photography exhibit focused on tattoo art on Isle of Wight and an interesting interview with my favorite Wim Delvoy where he discusses his tattoo projects and says two interesting things: ‘tattooed pigs live longer’ and ‘tattooed pigs look like tattooed people.’

A local school dress code of students appeared on here a few days back, so time for a dress code of teachers!

A very important question of ethics raised in this one from Australia where allegedly some teenagers go for tongue piercings to get better at oral sex (a link to the shop mentioned).  

Local artists from around the world: Alex of Copenhagen, Denmark (his shop), Rhonda from CO, Natan Alexander from Boston, MA, Tabu of Fiji, Mmesi of South Africa.

Finally, two very interesting and unusual tattoo ideas: ‘explosive cheat sheet’ and ‘extinction tattoos.