lots of … people

This made the news and made me smile: ‘great grandmother gets her third tattoo at age 101’ (another one). It’s really uplifting to see someone who has so much stamina and courage to go against the norms and social conventions and enjoy the life later in life! May she live another hundred years and get more tattoos.

Another piece of good news from FL: ‘The Lizardman cast in plastic for Ripley’s museum‘ (more about the Lizardman and Ripley). The Lizardman is a wonderful mix of intellect and sense of humor, so it’s great he’s getting even more recognition, even in such a form;).

Lots about people-related news today because here’s a piece of news about Ed Hardy’s new selling products (the tile is great: ‘Ed Hardy tattoos the mice!’), here a short article about Billy the Human Billboard (mentioned in this post) who legally changed his name and an interesting one from Turkey where apparently Ataturk’s signature is trendy in a tattoo form.

Dress code-related: golf club’s tattoo ban in South Korea, Columbus police getting stink over ink and something I’m not going to judge: ‘cosmetic tattooing on a 14-yr-old.’

A nice string of unusual ones: datoos (as in tattoos, DNA and computing combo), vatoos (=vagina tattoos) and ‘tooth body art’ in India.

Pretty interesting: ‘men with genital piercing not who’d you think: study.’

Miss and Mister Tattoo Polynesia 2010’ in September in Tahiti.

Finally, something that should be kept in mind at all times: tipping (is not a city in China) or how much to tip who, tattoo artists included.