fashion, rankings and some other stuff

I haven’t found this in English yet, so let’s use it in Spanish (and it’s been a long time since I linked to anything Spanish which reminds me that I should work harder on this language): Scott Campbell will collaborate with Louis Vuitton brand.

Also fashion-related (although it seems that this clothing line lost on publicity): ‘rebel style’ is popular in Philippines now and the Miami Ink guys can expect a few bucks more in their pockets.

Some people show off their body art while others must/ need to/ have to hide it: ‘work zone and possible problems in white-collar jobs’ and a dress code from one of American high schools.

The top 10 most tattooed American cities ranking shows, however, that tattoos are still strong.

An interesting one from Time magazine: soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and their tattoos.

Some other interesting ones: ‘Maori tribesman in Colchster, UK,’ A German professor collecting old tattoos and using them for scientific purposes, ‘ink for a cause’ introducing an energetic, enterprising and tattooed woman, a biography of a tattoo artist known as Phill Sparrow, ‘common tattoo beliefs debunked’ an article about the HanziSmatter blog, local LA tattoo artists showing their anger at BP and the American government and a tattoo(ing) Cinderella (an unemployed Pole gets some government money and opens his own tattoo shop!)