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making the cut or not

The past Friday was quite important to all who are either superstitious or horror fans or tattoo artists as, quite traditionally by now, many of them had ‘Friday the 13th tattoo’ action going on in their shops, here a few examples.

A week ago there was another tattoo convention in Poland (not an unusual event in this country these days); here’s a short article about it. Sadly, it lacks information on the convention itself and instead goes the sensational route and focuses on the freaky side of such events.

Local touch and some info on how to become a piercer in an interview with a Canadian piercer from Fredericton, NB. And since taking  a look at various shops around the world might be a good thing to do, here’s a link to the shop in question!

Beyond tattoos, piercings: the art of scarification makes the cut’ is a rare example of article focused on a more extreme form of body modification (link to the shop here). There were quite a few attempts to make scarification appear more and more popular in the past but somehow it always ends not to be true.

Quite an interesting piece of news from Scotland: ‘jail chiefs to consider setting up professional tattoo parlors in prisons’ (comments are worth reading, too).

Are tattoos at work really that acceptable?’ poses a good question (especially in the light of the recent articles I posted on here about tattooed/ pierced hotel staff and how they are perceived by customers and general public). And let’s juxtapose it with an article from OH that shows how an entertaining column focused on tattoos can get under fire from the readers only because its focus is tattoos.

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