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celeb glitter and local touch

Much to my both surprise and delight there were quite a few interesting articles on tattoos to read today, so here for others to enjoy:

Apparently the season 4 of LA Ink was launched on TV yesterday, so there’s a lot of Kat Von D-related information floating around; here a slide show of her favorite tattoos on others, an interview with her that sheds some light on the new season and a video teaser showing one of her star guests on the show. And straight from Amazon some info on an upcoming book by Ms Von D.

Two other slide shows: chefs from Kansas City (some of their tattoos are really interesting and quite clever!) and athletes (this one’s in Polish, though).

Tattoos in ads: Beyonce and her new image.

Some interesting people featured in an article from Australia about Janne Kearney, a painter who depicts people with body art (her art gallery here), this one from Seattle discusses an upcoming event but also features and quotes Vyvyn Lazonga while this one focuses on ManWoman whose life goal is to reclaim the symbol of swastika.

To make it more diverse and international, two articles about local tattoo artists: one from Delhi, India and another one from Germany.

Finally, something for my history/ anthropology section: ‘Tattoo culture of Li ethnic group at Expo in Shanghai.’

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2 responses to “celeb glitter and local touch

  1. bastian ⋅

    nice finds, as always! I especially like the Li article. It’s really a ahame to see the culture die off.

  2. bastian ⋅

    nice finds, as always! I especially like the Li article. It’s really a shame to see the culture die off.

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