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‘in’ and ‘out’

Let’s start with ‘body mods for a good cause’ and this time there are two interesting examples from Australia: to help a victim of an accident and a body mod fundraiser in Darwin (Darwin City Tattoos and Vogue Body Piercing mentioned, so check out their websites, too!).

Body Modification’ is a loose essay on subject of tattoos and personal experiences.

The Girl with The Moustache Tattoo’ is an obvious play on this book/ film and it’s also worth checking out as it features several Canadians and their tattoos and also lists what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ as far as tattoos go now. To make it more international, here a short Polish article describing what’s ‘in’ in Poland now (obviously, it’s gangsta tattoos (?!)).

The new world record (the most people being tattooed at the same time) in England last weekend!

This one from India presents ‘world’s most interesting hobbies’ and lists body piercing as one of them! I quite like the idea, actually, as I use it myself – when a nurse at the local health centre was giving me a shot and got startled by the sight of my sleeve, I explained that like many other people I also have hobbies and tattoos are just one of them. 😉

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