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not so healthy perhaps but not that ugly, either

According to the recent study by UBC, tattooing is linked to a higher risk of hepatitis C (more) which prompted an article ‘guidelines for tattoo artists in Canada need to be revised.’

In less scary news, another article about the first tattoo convention in Nepal and some pics from the event.

Religious beliefs and tattoos in an interesting article about ‘history and symbolism of traditonal Thai tattoo’ and (mainly) Christian tattoos in NE.

For those who think that tattooed women are ugly, here two articles, in German and English, about how heavily tattooed women can successfully model!

Tattoos also aren’t in the way of working as a policeman, at least in Poland, as points out this article.

If everything fails, you can always get more tattoos and try to be eligible for a world record – this Indian man has some ideas how to use tattoos for his advantage.

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