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Tattoos as savers, fads, a must and deeply hidden secret

An interesting way to look at tattoos and economy: ‘Tattoo industry might be the big ticket to pull the economy out of the dumpster;’ sadly, the content disappoints a little. Another way to look at tattoos and their popularity in an article from the UK, ‘the rise and rise of tattoo’ where you can not only read on the history of tattoo machine and tattoos now but also ponder  a little on the difference between ‘get a tattoo’ and ‘tattooing.’

Current trends in tattooing from the US and Germany: ‘faith that goes under the skin’ and ‘fine art in the flesh.’

This one certainly may come as surprise: ‘back-to-school’ shopping contains tattoos on its list. Sure it’s stylish to have tattoos, especially when you are still in school (but is it really true that ‘we automatically think that tattooed people are cool!’?) but once out in the working world, you can lose all your illusions: ‘pierced, tattooed hotel workers? Readers say no!’ (more).

A nice one courtesy of CNN: ‘the secretive world of traditional Japanese tattooing.’

Right in the open, in turn, are/ were these tattoo conventions: the first one ever in Nepal and the first one since 2005 in Taiwan! Bastian was nice enough to send me a cool slide show of Taiwanese tattoos!

A new book on tattoos in Australia.

Not a mug shot but quite funny: ‘NY prosecutors not sure which twin to charge’ and looks like the said twins’ tattoos might be a decisive factor here!

I kind of had a kick of this one: ‘tongue piercing not so stylish after all’ but probably only because I moved to the next stage of *un*originality!

Finally, something light and nice: ‘LEGO figures get tattoos’ and ‘a tattoo tribute to the Clone Wars.’

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8 responses to “Tattoos as savers, fads, a must and deeply hidden secret

  1. bastian

    LEGO figures with tattoos? That was a nice find! You’ve been super-productive there lately…

  2. aniareads ⋅

    lol seeing how I finally got around to write this tattoo convention review for the other site, then yeah, I must agree with you on this one.
    Pain does this to me 😛

    Now I need to start writing this tongue split ‘experience,’ esp. with this re-split follow-up now.

  3. Don

    You have to wonder about the mentality of parents who buy their kids tattoos as a back-to-school item, don’t you? Maybe it’s one of those “only in America” stories? I assume they mean real ones and not just fake/henna ones, although they’d be bad enough. Laptops I suppose are more reasonable (for older pupils at least) but I think most UK schools now tend to try and ban kids from bringing in things like mobile phones.

    Hmm…If I was lucky I’d get a pair of new shoes, and if I was REALLY lucky I’d get to choose the style myself!

  4. bastian ⋅

    this tattoo convention review – well, I’d totally read it if it were not in this totally obscure language spoken by no one outside Poland 🙂
    And when pain does that to you – you need more pain! Easy, isn’t it?
    And I’m totally waiting on that re-split experience! I can’t believe I’m ahead of you there for once 🙂

  5. aniareads ⋅

    hmmm I can actually send youa link – I’m quite satisfied with it!
    and you know it’s not that obscure when you see that like 40 mln ppl speak it on everyday basis 😛

    I think my new scars will be first – kind of fresher in my memory!

  6. bastian ⋅

    hehe, I was just teasing you a bit 🙂
    And scar experience would be great! Can’t wait!

  7. aniareads ⋅

    yeah, I know what a big teaser you tend to be! 😛

    and there will be an ‘experience’ about my scars – I don’t wanna lose all the data and info on my own aftercare regime again!

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