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7/ 19 – 1/ 08/ 2010

Slowly going through this huge pile of Google alerts that amassed during my absence, so here a few the most interesting ones so far:

 Not new a statement but always nice to hear: tattoos are becoming more and more popular which changes people’s attitude toward them (NM), reflects in the number of local shops (NE, AZ) and appears in places that still seem to be very conservative (Pakistan). On a side note, I’m including a snapshot of a list of local studios featured in the August issue of one of the Hungarian magazines – small country as it is (barely 10 mln habitants or so), there are still quite many tattoo shops there!

Another example of tattoos for a good cause – Tatzoo to try to save endangered local species in CA.

Two articles from Guam showing personal stories behind tattoos on local women and a project to document these tattoos in the form of a book.

It doesn’t show all ups and downs of the profession but take a look at ‘tattooist: job description.’ The harsh reality elements are bound to come anyway.

A nice and illustrated reference to a Polish article I posted not that long ago: tattoos and forensic medicine.

Quite interesting a subject in ‘piercing choices vary with age.’

A bucket of cold water to remember that there are also risks related to body modifications: ‘doctors says corset piercings, skin implants very dangerous.’ It’s the doctors’ job to warn and lecture and it’s ours to find a good practitioner and take a good care of our body modifications, so here, keep it in mind!

Much to my relief, the Football World Cup came to an end some time ago but the news is still full of references to tattooed footballers; here’s one example from Germany.

And here another interesting example how mainstream companies use tattooing to their own ends: thermocups with tattoo motifs on them certainly make for an interesting object to use; adds a little edge to everyday life, doesn’t it? 😉

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