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two sides of the coin

Good and bad about tattoos in the news:

Times changing and either people’s growing openmindedness or a clear sign of the Apocalypse coming in a German ‘even policemen have tattoos these days’ piece, ‘subversion of tattoo’ and ‘tattoo-tired?

Two articles on the subject of eco-friendly ink: ‘is tattooing eco-friendly?’ and ‘all eco-friendly tattoo shop.’

Since tattoos are said to be about self-expression, here two ones trying to support this theory from different perspectives: a funny interpretation of the most popular motives in German and an article retelling a few people’s stories behind their tattoos in English.

An interesting idea for a tattoo in ‘linked by the ink’ and making fun of tattoos seen on a popular TV show: ‘an analysis of tattoos on The Hills show.’

Health and risks: ‘dentists rap oral piercings’ where Ryan Quellette presents quite sensible point of view!

A Polish one about prison tattoos in Poland in the past.

And finally one that truly shows how exceptional and recognizable our mods make us: a modified mug shot from OK.

Updates will be resumed at the end of July as this coming Tuesday I’m going to Hungary to ‘hurt myself’ and have other forms of fun!

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