memories and hopes for the future

I haven’t come across any English article about Herbert Hoffmann’s death yet (obvious reasons maybe), so here another one in German; it’s quite interesting to read, though, as it provides not only references to ‘Flammend Herz’ documentary but also provides a hort biography of Hoffmann.

Another European ‘old school’ tattooer, Henk Schiffmacher, is doing quite well and here you have two short articles from the Netherlands on Schiffmacher ‘tattooing’ Sony Vaio laptops!

(in)direct references to two books, ‘Tattoo Machine’ by Jeff Johnson and ‘The Tattooed Lady’ by Amelia Klem Osterud, in ‘body art goes mainstream in Portland area’ and ‘tattooed author make sher mark.’

Not easy a topic described in this article from USA, ‘tattooed revolutionaries change face of art form’ where the Louisville Tattoo School and its six-weeks training courses are described. Up to a prospective tattooee to decide if six weeks of training is enough to be a good tattoo artist.

A piece of news about a changing attitude toward tattoos from Poland: ‘tattoo doesn’t mean ‘jail’ anymore’ points out that there are more and more tattooed Poles and their tattoo taste gets more and more sophisticated!

Finally, a slide show of tattoos based on internet memes.