be yourself but only the way we want you to?

Another world record for most body piercings was just achieved! The big question is ‘what’s next?’

Pierce your body’ may not be the best piece ever but it’s more than just a provocative title.

In MN a new tattoo/ body piercing law is going to take effect on July 1.

America is still about recession and there are still pieces of news telling us that the tattoo industry proved to be recession-immune; here two other such articles with extra stats on other related topics.

Personally I’ve never bought Dove’s ads starring ‘ordinary’ women and allegedly celebrating women the way they are, so I’m not that surprised after reading ‘Dove seeks ‘real’ but ‘flawless’ models.’ On a somewhat related note an article about big American retailers’ employee dress code. ‘It’s all just the business, baby, so go and do business!’

Two pieces of news in the ‘people’ section: a Shanghai tattoo master and a celebrity with buff (and tattooed) arms.