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ads, limbs and fonts

Some time ago I linked to a cool German ad campaign using tattoo motifs to make people aware of organ donoring; here’s another in this vein from HI which aim is making young people aware of dangers of HIV/ AIDS.

Body piercing in ‘how to prepare for a body piercing’ and ‘disadvantages of body piercing.’

An interesting case of ‘modified charity’ in ‘memorial tattoos for dying species’ (more).

the tattoo generation raises kids’ makes a few interesting points although it also stresses out how unoriginal tattoos are these days. Louis Vuitton dares to think differently, though, as he’s just jumped on the bandwagon of temporary tattoos.

Tattoo artists don’t want to work on skin only anymore, so here’s another two examples of them ‘branching out.’

Suspensions in an article from HI: ‘suspending disbelief.’

An interesting one in German from Bastian (thanks!): self-inflicted amputations. This article reminded me of a text ‘Life and Limb’ I got to read in ‘Going Long’ – a runner suffering from a degenerative condition caused by a motorcycle accident decides to cut off his leg to continue his running passion. Not the same level, of course, but enough to make you re-think jumping to ‘it’s sick’ conclusion!

Finally, nothing very new but cool nevertheless in a short interview with Ina Saltz, an author of ‘Body Type’ and ‘Body Type 2.’

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