charity, court, warnings and some more

Three examples of charity involving body modification or at least people from the industry.

Nothing to do with a good cause in an article about a 7-year-old kid tattooed by adults and how the court responded to it. Submitted by Bastian, so thank you! Also related, a public health warning about two unsanitary ‘artists’ and a statement from a NB piercer: ‘NB tattoo industry needs regulation.’

Colorful examples of people from the industry: Mike Rubendall, Jun Cha and a new attempt to break the Guiness world record for most piercings.

American headlines are still filled with news about unemployment, job search and the like, so no wonder that being employed is cherished these days. Even better if you enjoy your work; here a short one about ‘corporate loyalty’ involving a tattoo, of course.

A Polish touch in two articles in this language: ‘illustrated people’ about tattoos in today’s Poland with comments by a person from a reputable, Cracow-based Kult tattoo studio and ‘Pawlikowska on writing and tattoos’ (Beata Pawlikowka is a journalist and traveler who took the jokes about the blondes to a next level and wrote several books on a subject ‘The Blonde in ….’ They’re quite decent, IMHO).