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bits of this and that

A couple of interesting ones:

Tattoos in Japan – their past and present; an interesting, multidisciplinary exhibit in London showing the wonders and uses of the human skin and a bit of history in an article about celebrations of Sailor Jerry’s life.

A Canadian article about apprenticeship is short but maybe interesting for some people out there.

Ever-present sense of wonder in a German (as in language and location? ;)) article about a new painful trend in tattooing.

Eye-candy in ‘models with tattoos,’ ‘the most expensive tattoo in the world’ (interesting project!) and a touch of sentimentalism in ‘moms with ink.’

Finally, tattoos for a good cause in ‘tattoo fundraiser’ and ‘tattoos: inked for a cause’ which seems to be a cool initiative.

* I’ll be away from the virtual land this weekend but should have interesting things to update about once I’m back!

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2 responses to “bits of this and that

  1. bastian ⋅

    🙂 I got that “”! Gotta love your sense of humor!
    And “world’s most expensive tattoo isn’t a tattoo at all. These things
    were GLUED to her body and are non-permanent. To me, that one looks
    like the headline was added by some clueless idiot in search of a
    catchy phrase.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    lol I know that about this ‘tattoo’ and I just goofed around with the title! that’s why I added ‘interesting project’ line.

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