quite a lot of good stuff

My today’s newsfeeding proved to be quite rewarding and I stumbled across some interesting links.

Let’s start with ‘high art’ involving tattoos: two museum exhbits involving tattoos in ‘the art of tattoo’ and ‘history of tattoos’ (this one’s in German) and an art project involving temporary tattoos and dermatographia skin condition in the art project called ‘Save Face.’ Let’s also throw, for a good measure, an article about poetry on the subject: ‘Bristol poet delves into inky world of tattoo parlors.’

Growing popularity of tattoos in articles about ‘an increase of women customers,’ a regular, middle aged guy going for his first tattoo and a really cool one about a 70-year-old lady that got her first tattoo.

Catchy titles and not much substance in articles about ‘piercing infections on the rise’ and a possibility of taxing body piercings and tattoos in TX.

Celebrities and tattoos: a chef celebrity (never heard about her, though’ Gizzi Erskine, the *in*famous Ozzy Osbourne talking tattoos and American Idol and ‘Kat Von D being ready to rock San Diego’ in Rock’n’Roll San Diego Marathon (and that’s pretty cool!).

A German article ‘almost naked’ about a growing trend of hair removal is interesting enough to post in on here.