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onions, balls and apologies

Many Western tattoo artists say they practised and honed their art on pig skin or grapefruits; Indian artists apparently go a different route: ‘practising on onions makes tattoo art perfect.’ Another one from India here and I categorized it in ‘anthropology/ history’ section because it’s more than just a regular tattoo-related article.

With Football World Championship just minutes away, English artists decided to address quite important a question: ‘tattoo artists’ warning to England fans.’ Also from the UK, some info on ‘nationwide tattoo removal competition’, so maybe there is soemthing to the said warning after all.

Boston tattoo scene briefly described in ‘get inked for summer’ and a pretty interesting idea for the festival mascots in Vancouver.

There are many editorials on the web that ridicule body modification, especially tattoos, and point out, just like this one, that being tattooed does not makes people original (true enough but repeating nasty things about people with tattoos is not original, either!), so some apologies after having published unpleasant statements are a nice change: ‘undoing a tattooed misunderstanding.’

 And if anyone is interested where the name ‘tramp stamp’ comes from, here you may find the answer.

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