be yourself but only the way we want you to?

Another world record for most body piercings was just achieved! The big question is ‘what’s next?’

Pierce your body’ may not be the best piece ever but it’s more than just a provocative title.

In MN a new tattoo/ body piercing law is going to take effect on July 1.

America is still about recession and there are still pieces of news telling us that the tattoo industry proved to be recession-immune; here two other such articles with extra stats on other related topics.

Personally I’ve never bought Dove’s ads starring ‘ordinary’ women and allegedly celebrating women the way they are, so I’m not that surprised after reading ‘Dove seeks ‘real’ but ‘flawless’ models.’ On a somewhat related note an article about big American retailers’ employee dress code. ‘It’s all just the business, baby, so go and do business!’

Two pieces of news in the ‘people’ section: a Shanghai tattoo master and a celebrity with buff (and tattooed) arms.

ads, limbs and fonts

Some time ago I linked to a cool German ad campaign using tattoo motifs to make people aware of organ donoring; here’s another in this vein from HI which aim is making young people aware of dangers of HIV/ AIDS.

Body piercing in ‘how to prepare for a body piercing’ and ‘disadvantages of body piercing.’

An interesting case of ‘modified charity’ in ‘memorial tattoos for dying species’ (more).

the tattoo generation raises kids’ makes a few interesting points although it also stresses out how unoriginal tattoos are these days. Louis Vuitton dares to think differently, though, as he’s just jumped on the bandwagon of temporary tattoos.

Tattoo artists don’t want to work on skin only anymore, so here’s another two examples of them ‘branching out.’

Suspensions in an article from HI: ‘suspending disbelief.’

An interesting one in German from Bastian (thanks!): self-inflicted amputations. This article reminded me of a text ‘Life and Limb’ I got to read in ‘Going Long’ – a runner suffering from a degenerative condition caused by a motorcycle accident decides to cut off his leg to continue his running passion. Not the same level, of course, but enough to make you re-think jumping to ‘it’s sick’ conclusion!

Finally, nothing very new but cool nevertheless in a short interview with Ina Saltz, an author of ‘Body Type’ and ‘Body Type 2.’

charity, court, warnings and some more

Three examples of charity involving body modification or at least people from the industry.

Nothing to do with a good cause in an article about a 7-year-old kid tattooed by adults and how the court responded to it. Submitted by Bastian, so thank you! Also related, a public health warning about two unsanitary ‘artists’ and a statement from a NB piercer: ‘NB tattoo industry needs regulation.’

Colorful examples of people from the industry: Mike Rubendall, Jun Cha and a new attempt to break the Guiness world record for most piercings.

American headlines are still filled with news about unemployment, job search and the like, so no wonder that being employed is cherished these days. Even better if you enjoy your work; here a short one about ‘corporate loyalty’ involving a tattoo, of course.

A Polish touch in two articles in this language: ‘illustrated people’ about tattoos in today’s Poland with comments by a person from a reputable, Cracow-based Kult tattoo studio and ‘Pawlikowska on writing and tattoos’ (Beata Pawlikowka is a journalist and traveler who took the jokes about the blondes to a next level and wrote several books on a subject ‘The Blonde in ….’ They’re quite decent, IMHO).

new, good stuff

Back from the weekend filled with tattoos, people and great food.

Some good ones to start this week:

Tattoos and anthropology in ‘tattoos – a tribal heritage’ from India, ‘Maori tattoo getting under the world’s skin’ from New Zealand and one from Fiji about Samoan tattooing tradition. Ona different but somewhat related note a review of a book about tattoos and salvation.

An extreme body modification in ‘sexy Nina Arsenault on life, art and her penis.’

A sort of obituary in one from FL on a local pioneer of tattooing: ‘pioneer of tattooing upgraded profession.’

Finally something totally pop: a slideshow from ‘Immersed in Ink Tattoo Tour.’

bits of this and that

A couple of interesting ones:

Tattoos in Japan – their past and present; an interesting, multidisciplinary exhibit in London showing the wonders and uses of the human skin and a bit of history in an article about celebrations of Sailor Jerry’s life.

A Canadian article about apprenticeship is short but maybe interesting for some people out there.

Ever-present sense of wonder in a German (as in language and location? ;)) article about a new painful trend in tattooing.

Eye-candy in ‘models with tattoos,’ ‘the most expensive tattoo in the world’ (interesting project!) and a touch of sentimentalism in ‘moms with ink.’

Finally, tattoos for a good cause in ‘tattoo fundraiser’ and ‘tattoos: inked for a cause’ which seems to be a cool initiative.

* I’ll be away from the virtual land this weekend but should have interesting things to update about once I’m back!

quite a lot of good stuff

My today’s newsfeeding proved to be quite rewarding and I stumbled across some interesting links.

Let’s start with ‘high art’ involving tattoos: two museum exhbits involving tattoos in ‘the art of tattoo’ and ‘history of tattoos’ (this one’s in German) and an art project involving temporary tattoos and dermatographia skin condition in the art project called ‘Save Face.’ Let’s also throw, for a good measure, an article about poetry on the subject: ‘Bristol poet delves into inky world of tattoo parlors.’

Growing popularity of tattoos in articles about ‘an increase of women customers,’ a regular, middle aged guy going for his first tattoo and a really cool one about a 70-year-old lady that got her first tattoo.

Catchy titles and not much substance in articles about ‘piercing infections on the rise’ and a possibility of taxing body piercings and tattoos in TX.

Celebrities and tattoos: a chef celebrity (never heard about her, though’ Gizzi Erskine, the *in*famous Ozzy Osbourne talking tattoos and American Idol and ‘Kat Von D being ready to rock San Diego’ in Rock’n’Roll San Diego Marathon (and that’s pretty cool!).

A German article ‘almost naked’ about a growing trend of hair removal is interesting enough to post in on here.

onions, balls and apologies

Many Western tattoo artists say they practised and honed their art on pig skin or grapefruits; Indian artists apparently go a different route: ‘practising on onions makes tattoo art perfect.’ Another one from India here and I categorized it in ‘anthropology/ history’ section because it’s more than just a regular tattoo-related article.

With Football World Championship just minutes away, English artists decided to address quite important a question: ‘tattoo artists’ warning to England fans.’ Also from the UK, some info on ‘nationwide tattoo removal competition’, so maybe there is soemthing to the said warning after all.

Boston tattoo scene briefly described in ‘get inked for summer’ and a pretty interesting idea for the festival mascots in Vancouver.

There are many editorials on the web that ridicule body modification, especially tattoos, and point out, just like this one, that being tattooed does not makes people original (true enough but repeating nasty things about people with tattoos is not original, either!), so some apologies after having published unpleasant statements are a nice change: ‘undoing a tattooed misunderstanding.’

 And if anyone is interested where the name ‘tramp stamp’ comes from, here you may find the answer.