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With all this popularity and being fashionable, tattoos can still be used as a means to oust and ridicule others as this disturbing piece of news about a 14-year-old boy having been forcefully tattooed (more) shows.

In other, more positive news:

Not the fresh news but since I’m still catching up due to my ISP’s problems… French Parliament voted to return Maori heads to New Zealand. It’s a complicated issue, of course, so let’s wait and see what turn the whole restoration thing will turn.

Old European tattoos on display in an article about ‘Skin,’ an exhibit of the 19th century tattoos.

In a similar vein, a review of ‘Marked – the Complete Season One.’

A Polish article about growing popularity of tattoos over here; let’s wait and see during the summer although it’s true that there are more and more tattoos visible in the streets.

Almost tradition by now – a small slideshow; this time it’s web-tech tattoos.

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3 responses to “on display

  1. Don

    I’m glad to see that the “bullies” who performed the illegal tattoo on the 14-year old have been charged with assault. I think that goes well beyond just bullying, which is bad enough in itself, especially in view of the age differences.

    All the same I wonder what the school’s involvement was here. They appear to have reacted swiftly enough after the event, but an awful lot of bullying seems to on in schools where everyone knows who the bullies are but no-one does anything about them.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    As someone who has some experience in regard of school dealing with bullying I’d say that the school system works so slow and inefficient that it really gets detrimental for the victims and quite beneficient for the bullies.

    n this case, however, I do hope they’ll get what they deserve and hopefully it means some jail time with them being bullied for a change!

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